All Blacks

What is All Blacks?


Greatest rugby team in the world. Represent New Zealand. Many teams aspire to be as great as them but fall short. Last won the World Cup in 1987. Good rivals with the Wallabies (Australia)

"The All Blacks are the best"

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The New Zealand national rugby team.

No rugby team has beaten the All Blacks more times than the All Blacks have beaten them in 120 years of existence.

They are the most successfully rugby team of all time. Most countries in the world have never even beaten them once. Examples are: Scotland, Ireland, Samoa, Fiji, Italy etc. none of these countries have beaten the All Blacks in a single game in 120 years of trying!

The All Blacks are playing England this weekend and South Africa next week.


Best damn Rugby team on the face of the planet.

The All Blacks rule you pussy American Eagles.


the epitome of rugby success, the yardstick by which all other countries measure themselves, and they all fall short

"The All Blacks have just won the 2003 Rugby World Cup"

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Errata Corrige: In my last entry I stated that the All Blacks had lost around 1 in 5 of their last 40 games. They have in fact lost only 6 of the last 41 (an average of 1 defeat every 6.83 matches). An incredible record by anyone's standard.

The All Blacks are playing Munster in the autumn tests.

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1. it is a team composed of gods dressed in black that you CANT BEAT in rugby, or any life situation. they are so tough rugby teams forfeit unconsciously.

o, yeah, the new zealand rugby team.

2. someone very tough, virtually impossible to confront.

joe rokocoko plays with the allblacks, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ALL BLACKS

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Wonderful, entertaining Rugby Union team who represent New Zealand. Composed of players of New Zealand and Pacific Islands origins. Name comes from misquote of journalist who had described the players as seeming to be "all backs" because of their size. Have won 8 out of 12 Tri-Nations series (Australia 2, South Africa 2), including 3 Grand Slams (South Africa 1 Grand Slam). Excellent but not unbeatable team who over the last 40 matches have lost around 1 in 5 (to Australia, New Zealand, France). Whitewashed the British and Irish Lions in the 2005 test series (won all 3 matches). Came behind South Africa, England, Argentina and France in the 2007 Rugby World Cup (along with Australia, Fiji and Scotland). Won Rugby World Cup once in 1987 and losing finalists in 1995. World Cup record not as good as Australia (winners 1991, 1999 and runners up 2003), South Africa (winners 1995, 2007) or arguably England (winners 2003, runners-up 1991, 2007). Represent the only country, apart from Wales, where rugby union is an integral part of the national character and identity.

England are playing the All Blacks at Twickenham on Saturday 29th November.


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