All Fucked Up

What is All Fucked Up?


all fucked up (awl fuk tup) adj.

1. the condition or state of being of an object, place or person

2. (slang) under the influence of drugs or liquor

1. Condie Rice (to herself) "I'll be a son of a bitch! I wanted to continue my shopping spree in NYC but now the Gulf Coast is all fucked up. Guess I'll have to go see it."

2. Maryanne: "For fucksake Sue! Did you get high again?"

Sue: "Fuck off Maryanne."

Maryanne: "Honey, you really do look all fucked up."

Sue: "Jesus Christ Maryanne, Just put some clean piss in this Elmer's Glue bottle in case I'm tested at the clinic."

See condition, wasted, destroyed, shot


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