Alpha Operator

What is Alpha Operator?


The head operator on an IRC channel.

Loup is the alpha operator for #goth.

See Macavity


A "expert" (no one really knows just what the expertise relates to) suffering from a self-induced delusional paranoia who thinks that any internet forum or BBS that is not open to the public is filled with hackers and evil, baby-eating Satanists that are plotting to take over the world. That is, after they kill him first, of course.

"Don't mind him, he's juat an AO."

"Kind of reminds you of an AO, doesn't it?"

See Imp


Noun: A supreme drama "wench" that frequents the Gamespy Forums under many pseudonyms. Applies to any person who is hated because thay are a "pansy" or extremely boring but cannot comprehend why. Often condescending and manipulative.

Oh man, that alpha operator sure is spamming up the message boards with stuff about mushrooms and Chernobyl. Who cares?

See pewp


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