What is Ambiwankstrous?


This is the abilty to pleasure oneself with the use of both the right, and left hand. This is derived from the latin words " Ambosituos" and " Wank".

p1: 'Im getting bored with my right hand...'

p2: 'Well i never find that, im Ambiwankstrous! '


The ability to masturbate or pull the pudjust as effectively with either hand

"I write left-handed,play golf right-handed but when it comes to masturbation I'm ambiwankstrous


when a person has the ability to make himself reach a sexual climax using either of his hands.

my friend made this word up.. I think hes nuts...

I am ambiwankstrous so if one wrist is too sore, I can just change over.


someone who can jerk off with both hands

hes ambiwankstrous. im impressed.


The ability to slap a bitch with both hands

Pimp1: Dammit, that hoe broke my pimp hand

Pimp2: U aint no pimp BITCH, a true playa is ambiwankstrous


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