Angry Swinging Ape

What is Angry Swinging Ape?


Vigorously swinging your hips back and forth so that your Nuts and Johnson slap against your stomach and your grundle, emulating an angry ape swinging through the forest floor. Depending upon the size of your penis, it can either be called swinging monkey or an ape. Whatever the case may be, it must be angry. This gesture is usually done to a roommate, teammate or just someone that cut you off on the freeway. Although this movement may be hazardous to the health of your nut sack, it is heaps of fun and can turn any situation into a nut slappin comedy hour! WARNING: Attempting this act on a moving vehicle requires practice and coordination. Please practice in front of a mirror first before releasing the anger of the Ape in public.

The party was getting kind of dull, so Eric decided to get up on a table, drop his pants and display his Angry Swinging Ape. The whole room roared with laughter, some people were angered, some were appalled and some hid their eyes in embarrassment. Regardless, the party was not dull any longer!

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