Animal Testing

What is Animal Testing?


If it came down to my baby sister and a million fluffy kittens I'd kick every helpless cat into a wall so I thought I was for animal testing... untill I researched it for a research/arguementation paper in my college course. The more cost-efficient and accurate way to test for medical advancements is in-vita (in tube cell studies) from humans, animals and even plants. For example, jack beans can be used to mimic the cornea and test for eye irritants. It's called an Eytex. Pumpkins can be used in Skintex's to imitate human skin. Not onyl that, but animals react so differently than humans that about 5% of tried and true animal tests murder thousands of people once put on shelves. Basically, if you think you're pro-animal testing then you're uneducated. Forget moral desicions and human life vs. animal life. Animal-testing kills more people than it helps. Why do it then right? The businesses make HUGE amounts of money from grants and the sale of test animals.

Educated about animal testing.

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The pointless murder of innocent animals in the name of science. Not only are helpess animals killed and wasted so is a huge amount of money that could be put to better use. Groups like the A.L.F, E.L.F and PETA fight strongly against Animal Testing aswell as other animal rights issues.

"Animal testing is scientific fraud"

"Fuck the white coats"


looks like a lot of people on here have no idea what they are talking about. Animal research is probably the largest reason for why we have advanced in biomedical science, millions of people are still alive today because of animal testing, you need to check your facts on it. Second of all, the Animal Liberation Front burgles medical centres, firebombs labs and violently attacks animal research workers, PETA have also funded the ALF, and Mary Beth Sweetland,A Vice President of PETA is a type A diabetic who injects herself daily with insulin developed from medical testing using dogs, so they are hypocrites too.

If animal testing required me to personally kill every chimp in the world to save one street junkie with A.I.D.S, I wouldn't give it a second thought

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The systematic approach to find which farm animal will give you the greatest amount of pleasure. This usually is done by running out to a local farm every night and having sex with a couple of the animals. Animals that kick, bite, remain dry, smell bad, or are too loose can be eliminated in this test.

“After conducting three months of animal testing I have discovered that nothing can replace your mother.”

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