What is Annabelle?


The most beautiful girls in the world, men fall at their feet and women would kill themselves to look like them. Where ever they walks it is as if time stands still and no one can tear their eyes from them. their beauty is almost beyond description. But they have many faults, they are proud, haughty, cold and manipulative, they will hurt you just for fun. However they are allways successful in what ever they do and their beauty is immortal. The poets will sing it throughout the ages, they will inspire artists and musicians, and their talents will far surpass others . They will never grow old, and will stay branded on your mind and heart forever.

person1: last night i think my heart stopped when i saw this girl she was so beautiful yet so cold.

person2: there is only one type of girl like that an annabelle

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1. the act of pleasuring oneself on the handbreak of a car.

2. an extremely drunk person who randomly falls over and lands with their face in someone's lap

3. someone who farts a lot

1. "i got sick of my dildo, so don't worry if the handbreak of the car is a bit sticky... i kinda had an annabelle last night."

2. "i was at a party last night and this total annabelle just wouldn't leave me alone"

3. "man, this place stinks - that guy in front of me is such an annabelle"

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