Ass Flap

What is Ass Flap?


When a rogue bit of toilet roll gets stuck to your sphincter during wiping.

It was a textbook turd until I snagged an ass flap.

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1. the small growth of skin that occassionally covers the anus of newborn children. Such growth is customarily removed and discarded. 2. someone who is disgustingly useless.

"Get off the couch and take out the garbage you ass flap!"

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A piece of cloth (usually a dark color, most likely black) with a logo or picture of a band on it that hangs over a "punk" persons ass, therefore supposedly showing their undying gratitude for the band. Can also be worn over frontal region, in which it is called a "cock flap", even on females.

1]Dude, look at that wannabe punk rocker! He's wearing an ass flap!

2]Yeah, and a cock flap too!

1]What a tard.

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