Ass Manager

What is Ass Manager?


1. One who manages his/her anus to a high level of cleanliness

2. One who manages more than one anus at any given time, can also be described as an assmaster

3. One who has auhority over alot of anus's asif some sort of keeper of anus's only with permission are u allowed to use one.

1.T dude "Geeze this girl i went down had a seriously nice analhole, I was almost sure she was a definite ass manager"

2.P dude " Haha man I was loving it the other night I got three hot chicks and was managing their poop chute's all at the same time, fuck yeah"

3.M dude "I went upto this hot gurl last week and said you have a seriouesly nice ass wanna fuck, She said I should really speak to the ass manager about my request.

I was like wtf is an ass manager?"

See ass, manager, arse, lord, anus, ahole, butt, nipple, sex, slut, girls, poon


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