Ass Pounding

What is Ass Pounding?


An ass pounding is hard, dirty anal sex. A woman who loves an ass pounding is a true slut .

Kathy loves a good hard ass pounding. She needs to feel a cock pumping her hot little married ass as often as possible. She always wears short tight skirts to show off her sexy round ass and she flashes her wet bald cunt to men and boys all the time. Just last weekend she let 2 high school boys pound her dirty ass in her garage before she went to work, When she got to work her boss told her to bend over his desk. He could see the boys cum dripping from her used ass. Kathy fingered her used fuckholes while he watched. Then he slammed his hard cock deep into her asshole as she moaned and begged for more. He called her a filthy whore as he shot more cum up her ass. She smiled as he wiped his cock all over her slutty blonde hair.

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1)to have anal sex with a girl

man crystal sure likes to get ass pounded


1) when the pitcherof a gay couple has rough anal sex with the catcher.

"Ryan gave Timmie such a good ass pounding last night, he bled for 2 days!"

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