Ass Rammer

What is Ass Rammer?


The act of forcefully ramming an object in someone's anus

Indy aka Rex is an ass rammer


on who rams his erect penis into a male or females poop chute. if is a male it is sodomy if female it is buttfucking.

wow! camerone can sure ass ram./ camerone is an ass rammer!


Some one who rams others in the ass hole.

You are a ass rammer.


n. british for a homosexual; american for flamin faggot; one who enjoys bein reemed

v. (ass ramming) the action of getting reemed or reeming another

-by jove Cornelius, looked at those ass rammers attempting sexual intercourse on that park sitting bench. I do hope a bobby will put a stop to that.

-dude, look at those ass rammers goin at it on that bench


A Boy who likes pushing fingers in his or somethings anal, ass, poop shoot?Me?

Freeks, Geeks, And GayButcheeks.


joe mazza

joe mazza is an ass rammer


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