What is Assamassadopholus?


Assamassadopholus is anything the user wants it to be, or means anything the user wants it to mean.

ie: its a replacement word for absoltely anything that would be of benifit to you, the user

its pretty much a lifesaver, and the single most important word in the entire universe

Teacher: whats the name of the 5th planet out from the sun?

Student: umm, assamassadopholus

Teacher: no, the answer is Jupiter

Student: thats what assamassadopholus means!

See every, single, word, in, the, history, of, world, but, not, limited, to, english, latin, portuguese, greek, swedish, french, japanese, chinese, spanish, german, arabic, bulgarian, vietnamese, ukranian, slovenian, slovak, serbian, russian, romanian, polish, norwegian, lithuanian, latvian, italian, hindi, hebrew, finnish, filipino, danish, czech, and, other, language, entire


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