What is Assassin1445?


A creepy old man who plays runescape to get to little boys and convice them to "visit" his home, and "play" runescape on his super computer that he built from his wheelchair.

Assassin1445: Hi, how old are you?

Anonymous child: 11

Assassin1445: I made a super computer want to come see it?

Anonymous child: yea!

Assassin1445: Where do you live? I can come pick you up.

Anonymous child: Richmond,Virginia

Assassin1445: I'll meet you at wal*mart in the parking lot.

Anonymous child: what do you look like? How do i know its you?

Assassin1445: Look for a black dodge ram diesel truck in the back lot.

Anonymous child: meet you there!

Assassin1445: okay...


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