What is Assblaster?


a diarreah expulsion of such great force that it literally blasts out the ass also known as a rectum ripper

last night I was drinking Teuqila and beer and this morning I had an assblaster


An assblaster is someone who pumps his load in another persons anus.

Anal creampie anyone?

Man you wanna see that bitch after I was the assblaster last night, she be walkin like John Wayne!


An animal that can fly by ripping a huge fart and lighting it.

Holy Crap! An assblaster


One who blasts ass, also must be a Canadian. Derogatory.

Man, that Canadian assblaster keeps misspelling things.

See canadian, ass, blaster, anal


if one was to catch sight of a gun loaded up someones butt, that gun would be an assblaster

example? example? I dont need no stinkin example


a dude who fucks chicks so damn hard in the ass they get owned

dude i blasted this chicks ass last night


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