What is Asscake?


A person who is a simple asshole.

That farm boy was just an asscake.

See Yoda


clever way of saying someone is an asshole. i mean seriously why say asshole thats so mainstream. and cake is more fun sounding than hole... heh

mr poo: i love you

captain jesus: shut up asscake

See asshole, insult, ass, mean, bitch


Ass + Cake

one who resembles a donkey or a human rear end, is to slow to understand anything, completes all tasks with imeasurable foolishness, and is slow or fat at the result of being incredibly lazy and eating to many unhealthy foods that are staples in the american diet such as cake.

Also, a lame insult aimed by republicans at liberals for there partys animal, a donkey. Those in the asscake or aszcake cult worship and live through the ability to blame all of societys and there own problems on those democrats who posses fat asses and ramble nonsensically like Al Sharpton.

Some random Asscake: O well I'm to lazy.

MrT: Asscake

MrT: I hate Bush

Sunshit: Asscake

Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas: So vat is up?

MrT: Asscake


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