What is Asser?


1)...a dumb ass, that is beyond a dumb ass

2) who wears ass-pants, and thinks they look good

3) idiot that can'twon't listen to instructions

1)Look at Whep, he's such an asser, he forgot his own name.

2)That bitch is such an asser, look at those tight, yellow spandex pants.

3)You're a fukin asser, get back to work right now before I fire you.

See idiot, dumbass, pissface, fag


a German word that means you stupid dumb ass.

"You guys are the biggest assers."


Somebody who pretends to be cool, but actually is an idiot. Male form of teenybopper. From Bulgarian slang. In Bulgaria, the assers are currently on a gangsta rap wave.

Heah, Bobo's pretending he's a big asser just cuz' he listens to 50 cent and other shit of the sort.


a German word that means you stupi dumb ass.

"You guys are the biggest asser."


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