What is Asset?


1. Anything owned or is owed to a person, business, company, or group.

2. a CIAassassin

1. a building, car, or money are all examples of assets.

2. an asset was sent to kill john the other day.

See assassin, assasin, money, business, accounting


Having a nice set of boobs and a nice ass. This definition is derived from splitting apart the word "asset" to get "ass" and "set".

Dave: "Your sister has nice assets!"

Tim: "Yeah she's going to have back problems one day."

Dave: "And when she falls on her ass, she just bounces back up!"

Tim: "Easy now..."

See butt, ass, boobs, rack, assets


when your ass is your best attribute, this could also happen by default if your chest is as flat as a wall

erika is very flat but has a large asset so its all good.

See tman


A little miniature donkey.

Mother jackass and her baby asset.

See small, little, donkey, jackass, ass


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