What is Ass-face?


1. Person with a butt-chin.

2. A person with a cleft in their chin.

"My favorite part of your face is your ass. You ass-face!"

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1. when one's face is EXTREMELY non-attractive

2. a jerk...a rude individual

3. a suck-up

4. someone with a double chin

5. someone who sucks up... a brown-noser

"dude, look at that ass-face tryna mackon that dime-piece! what a chump!"

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Someone who is your friend and sexually harasses you so you dont tell them to stop because you know they will tell you they arent doing anything that bad. They hold your hand, kiss you, give you hickeys, & try and put they're hand down your pants. But you still dont say anything to them, and you think your a bad person for not doing anything, and think that its not their fault they are doing this, it's yours. And the worst part is that they are going out with someone, and they tell them you are the one who likes them.

And they dont think it's wrong?

I just cant do anything about that ass-face, he just wont stop.

That ass-face makes me want to cry myself to sleep every night.

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