What is Ass-fuck?


The male equivalent to a female being called a cunt in the heat of utmost anger.

Hey ass-fuck, watch where your going!

I am filing for divorce! My ass-fuck husband didn’t come home last night again!

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Ass-Fuck, n. v. adj. av.

When an old friend gets with the hot girl, you knew infinitely better. Who always gave you her secrets and consoled in you. But you were never more than an advice giver. A shoulder to cry on.

"Damn it all, I got Ass-Fucked this weekend man!"

"Come on, how could that guy, be the one who Ass-Fucks me!"

"All this time out of contact and that bastard swiftly Ass-Fucks me!"

Hey, look Jeff, theres that ass fuck buying roses and chocolate, lets make him some problems..."

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a derrogatory term for homosexuals

Loo at those ass-fucks over there kissing

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When one is having intercourse not in the vagina but in the asshole. Mainly used for men on men sex.

Jake wants to ass-fuck his boyfriend Fred right now.

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