What is Ass-pussy?


A protrusion of fat on a female that resembles a gut but appears to emanate from below the waist, settle at a point level with the female's ample buttocks, and both obscure and fuse with the genital region. Also referred to as a front-butt or a gunt, but not related in any effect to a pussy-ass, as in pussy-ass bitch, pussy-ass motherfucker, or pussy-assing on the bedspread.

Jesus: I really think people should stop eating when they can't even reach around to wipe their own asses.

Mohammed: Yes, however some actually can reach between their legs and under their junk to wipe their ass, except of course a chick with an ass-pussy.

Jesus: What? Such a blasphemous wipe!

See gunt, pussy-ass, front-butt, fatass, chunnel


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