B Donkadonk

What is B Donkadonk?


Something you put your mug on saddle up and ride. A nice ass.

Damn homey check out the B Donkadonk on her. I would like to get up in it.


Big ol' ass

booty,Ghetto Boody,ass, OG, thug,ghost ride the whip

"A B donkadonk, Thats what you put your mug on and saddle up n' ride"

See booty, ass, og, thug, ghost ride the whip


very large buttocks or back side

That girl got a nice B Donkadonk.

See buttocks, backside, butt, ass, posterior


A bitch with a big ass

a my nigga dat bitch has a big ass B Donkadonk

See booty, great


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