What is Barnies?


Purple 30 milligram M.S. Contins...Morphine sulphates

Purple in color, hence the Barnie reference.

"Pat...Kevin has a SHIT POT FULL of Barnies for 2 bucks each!"

"I'll take 90 bucks worth...."

See morphine, vicodin, fence posts, heroin, drugs


Edible horse treats manufactured in Canada, consisting of mixed grains and molasses. Barnies and its founder Terasa Hill were seen on CBC's Dragons Den in December 2007. Terasa Hill was the first Canadian to receive the endorsement of all 5 investors on the national television series.

Get a pail of Barnies horse treats.

See barneys


Term referred in Planetside for the Vanu Sovereignty (for their color).

Shit! We are getting zergedby the barnies!

Damn barnies are fucking cheap with their mag-mowers.


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