What is Barp?


When you burp and barf a little in the back of your throat.

I ate too fast so I barped.

I hate the taste after barping.

See barf, burp, puke, vomit, spew


Blood and Role Playing. Online game played with your browser in a fantastic world. Looks like old nintento final fantasy. The game is accessible via barponline. Open source to solution123/barp/

I am presently playing barp.

See barp


Combination of a burp and vomit or barf; a very gross burp.

When you burp so hard, you vomit a little.

1) After she barped, she blew the air out of her mouth and I couldn't help but smell her lunch.

2) I barped and a piece of food flew out.

See burp, barf, vomit, hurl, ralph, upchuck


a word to annoy those who dont know the meaning of the word

person 1: oh yeah? well BARP

person 2: what the hell does that mean???!?!?!?

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A combination of the word barf and the word burp. A barp is when one burps and a bit of barf comes up with it, but is not expelled out of the mouth.

Horatio: After I ate that burrito I barped and could taste the black beans and everything.

Diego: I hate when that happens, it's like what do you do, spit it out or swallow it. That's so gross.

See burp, barf, puke, vomit, belch, throw-up, spit up, throw up, vorp



1. A burp that smells greater than or equal to that of a fart.

2. A burp resultant from the consumption of "smelly" foods, to include liverwurst, garlic, ect.

"Open then window, Adam just farted, I think I'm going to puke!"

"I DIDN'T FART! It was a barp."

"Holy shit! What have you been eating?"

"Oh, I had a ton of garlic in my dinner at Frank's."

See burp, fart, smell, food, puke


The sound noisethat a car horn makes.

Barp your horn when you are ready to pick me up.

See toot, blow, sound, blast, hoot, bang


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