What is Barranca?


Located between a freeway and a grocery store, this is a great replacement for an urban teen recreation center. This is where Highlanders have stick fights, where 14 year old Hienas lose their virginity and suburbanites smoke cigarettes amongst the foliage. This is an ideal place to drop acid and boogie board when the El Nino hits. It can be recognized by it's often steep concrete sides (great for wall riding)and blocks with raw rebar sticking up that must be negotiated in order to drop in. It's official purpose is to drain the waste water from the city and grows the most invasive non-native plants around. Geographic Location: Sur de California y mas lugares.

Dude, let's go down to the barranca and drink 40s!!!


One of the many large drainage ditches that crisscross the small rural town of Somis, California. Some of these narrow canyons are nearly sixty feet deep and are home to coyotes, rats, snakes, and stinging nettle. During heavy rains, the edges of these ravines are subject to mudslides which can sometimes result in the loss of farmland.

"Barranca" is the Spanish word for "ravine."

See ravine, arroyo, drain, ditch, somis


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