Barrens Chat

What is Barrens Chat?


the eternal home of chuck norris in WoW,as well as a hangout spot for twelve year olds. many times, after getting a character out of the barrens, they create a new one, just to go back there.

example of barrens chat

barrens resident 1: hey guys

helpful passerby: yes?

barrens resident 1: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

barrens resident 2: reported

barrens resident 3:reported for reporting.

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A term used to describe the colorful conversations that ensue when low - level players quest in a large, relatively boring landscape termed 'The Barrens.' Many players find these interactions quite annoying, however others see them as a way to relieve the boredom of running through and endless, creep - filled desert.

The barrens chat was rather lame last night.

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Location in World of Warcraft where 12 year olds, using their mum's credit card to play, gather and say "your mum", "fag", "zomg!!!111" over and over again.

..I hate barrens chat.

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