What is Barried?


From the verb "to barry"


To chuck up

To vomit

To empty one's bowels from the mouth

I've gone and barried all over the floor

I think I'm going to barry.

This place stinks of barry.

See Chris


To juke da shit outta somebody

He barried yo ass

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A 'barried' car is a car which has been pointlessly modified; i.e. the only changes are visual, there's no performance increase. Barry tends to target pov cars with tiny engines such as Corsas/Puntos, he'll adorn them with cheap hideous and badly fitting after-market body kits, baked bean can 'zorsts, fake BMW M3 mirrors, Lexus-style lights, Meccano spoilers, bargain bin alloys from Halfrauds, subwoofers, etc. The copious amounts of filler plastered over the cracks is also a dead giveaway.

That poor Saxo's been barried to death.

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