What is Barringer?


The act of smoking a bowl of packed marijuana with a ball of collected marijuana resin cratered in the center, topped with collected THC crystals from grounded marijuana. Can be made in any marijuana smoking device that has a bowl.

Is a reference to the "Barringer Meter Crater" in northern Arizona, thought to be the possible location for the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. The act for smoking a ball of resin on it's own is called smoking a Comet and with THC crystal 'Smoking Comets and Tails' With the addition of marijuana itself and the placement of the Comet in the center, the Barringer itself resembles a Comet has crashed into a field of grass that, when smoked, burns.

Wanna smoke a Barringer? Wanna make a Barringer? I'm gonna crash myself a Barringer. Wanna go to Barringer?

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