What is Barry?


Verb: to barry

To empty the contents of your stomach/ rainbow burp, speak to god on the great white telephone/ Make friends with the toilet seat, due to alcahol consumption

Originated from the GWA borlase

"Mate, i shouldnt have had that "n"th beer i think im gonna barry......*eugh*"

See sick, puke, ill, alcahol, burp, chuck


Scottish slang, chiefly Edinburgh, used to mean something good.

"Awright, Mike! It's pure barry n that to hear fae ye, mate"

See great, teckle, cool, good, shit-hot


to barry (verb):

to vomit, puke, barf, chuck up, hurl; usually due to excessive alcohol consumption

//Meaning originated in the south but is now in wide-spread use throughout most parts of the UK//

1) oh no, i think i'm going to barry... not again... *bleurgh*

2) last night was mental, can't believe how many times i barried

See barried, vomit, puke, hurl, barf


An estate in south wales which is infested with crack cocaine a cheap substitue for cocaine, methamphetamine , heroin , barry is the delusional kid in the group..

Strangley enough likes to see other boys cocks eventhough he claims he is straight,sleeps with ur best friends girl and will only mack on to a female that is clearly involved with another male..

Likes to spread it about..

would be seen gaffing about with tinfoil or any related paraphenalia related to CHRONINC DRUG USE..

Omfg u did barry too???

Get urself tested for hiv!!

See barry, lies, hiv, mack, female, cocks, drugs, cheap, methamphetamine, group, crack, sleeps


an unusually white male known for his bitch tits.

Man, that Barry sure knows how to suck a dick!

See white, nutbag, Michael Jefferson


A hole in south wales where the demon chav spawn of chav, hobo, cant afford a house, shitheads live. If you have to go via said backwater hamlet, wear pyjamas and call eveyone bruv.

12 year old girl in barryoffering blowjobs in the "vibe". for 20 pence

See barry, shit, prostitute, chav, ganster


havin a laugh

pure joke



See barry, laughing, laugh, joke


A word that can be applied to anyone who is a bit of a bafoon. Mostly used to describe someone that cannot take thier alcohol and gets very violent and aggresive when drunk.

You are such a barry


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