What is Barsexual?


A college-age girl who kisses other girls in bars and clubs, usually for attention and the approval of men.

A BISEXUAL girl kisses girls at home when no ones looking.

A BARSEXUAL girl only kisses them in places that charge a cover.

See T.


A heterosexual girl or woman who partakes in any sort of sexual or promiscuous activity with another female to get attention from males. This usually takes the form of making out, and to a lesser extent, grinding or dry humping with another female.

This is a common sight at bars (hence the word barsexual) but can also be found at any party, especially frat parties.

The reason for such acts has baffled researchers for years, but it is thought that they seek attention, free drinks, or are prudes too scared to get with men.

Dude 1: Oh shit, check out those lesbos making out bro!!!

Dude 2: No you idiot, those are barsexuals.

Dude 1: Damn, you're right. Sluts!!!

See bisexual, heterosexual, attention whore, slut, prude


The condition in which women intentionally become more open to kissing other women in front of an audience, typically in a bar or club, especially when the audience is comprised of men holding free drinks.

Patricia didn't have any cash so she turned into a total barsexual last night at the club.

See bisexual, metrosexual, bar, club, cash


College girls who make out with each other at a party for any of the following reasons: (1) They are being hit on by sketchy sketchy men (often stoners or past hook-ups) and they need a cute and permanent exit strategy, (2) the party is lame and they feel the need to entertain, (3) they are very very drunk, (4) they are convinced by horny men with cameras.

*If any of the following situations arise during your own barsexual display, you must either stop and leave the party immediately or enter the witness protection system the next day as those pictures will be going up on facebook whether you like it or not. Try to avoid situations where dirty, horny men are either cheering you on, telling you they don't believe you did it and asking to see it again, are counting the number of seconds you can make out for, or have convinced you that making out with her topless is the only way to do it.

"I was a little confused about those couple incidents at the beginning of the semester. I didn't know if that made me bisexual or just an attention whore. Now I know: I'm just a barsexual"

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a person, particularly women, who change sexual orientation after a couple of shots at the bar.

Linda's lesbian friend was right; that straight girl was a total barsexual!


When an in the closet gay man, gets drunk at the bar and makes out with other men to show off that he doesn't have to be gay to make out with other dudes.

Roberto pulled a barsexual on JD last night.

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A non-gender-specific (nomrally sober) person who usually arrives at the bar near closing with the primary mission of finding someone drunk enough to have sex with.

I see the barsexual has arrived on cue tonight - picking up Gina (wallowing in her own vomit) - promising her a safe ride home - resulting in sloppy sex leading to much regret and vows of sobriety.

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