Basket Case

What is Basket Case?


When a given situation has no solution.

It makes reference in the form of a parabola to someone who has lost his mental health and has no cure.

It is said that people without cure to a mental disease used to be sent to a mental health care facility for life where they would manufacture baskets for the rest of their lives.

The economoy of Nicaragua is such a basket case.

Peter smokes two packs a day, he is such a basket case


1) Someone who is going mad or on the verge of a nevous brakedown.

2) A Green Day song sung by the one and only Billie Joe Armstrong. Arguably one of the great Green Day songs, if not one of the great songs of the 90's.

1) He is such a basket case.

2) Be quiet, I am listening to Basket Case.


The phrase has its roots in WW2. When a soldier came into a medical facility with a limb or multiple limbs detatched from his body, the nurses would call the patient a "basket case". As in they had to bring the soldier to them in a basket.

Modern day usage is to describe someone that is in need of extreme assistance(mental or physical).

Well Marge they brought in another basket case, a grenade blew off his legs.

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some one that has a bunch of problems and mental and phycoloically

That girl has been such a basket case since she was dumped by her boyfriend.

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The term has its roots in world war I. The soldiers referred to the injured who had to have all four limbs amputated as a basket case. I figure it is something to do with the fact that the person will now have to be carried around in a basket!

Busama stuck the dynamite up his ass to look cool, two days later he was a basket case!

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someone whos emotions are filled with anxiety and obsession

Any mother would be a basket case if they found out their child was hit by a car.

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an awesome green day song with a rocking beat and lots of bass; the song is about frontman's billie joe armstrong's paranoia

Sometimes I give myself the creeps,

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me,

It all keeps adding up,

I think I'm cracking up,

Am I just paranoid?

Or am I just stoned?

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