What is Bastardize?


To make illegitimate or to severely degrade the quality of

Man, the way Soulja Boy bastardizes rap makes me wonder if rap's even music anymore.

See bastardize, illegitimate, soulja boy, Jai Alai


To hit or hurt someone so much that they forget who their father is, thus becoming a form of a bastard (an illegitimate child); to mess someone up; to hurt or do mental damage to

I'm gonna bastardize you!

He's going to bastardize me so bad that I won't know my own name or how to put on my shoes.

Take me to the emergency room, I've been bastardized!

See bastardize, hurt


If someone FUBAR a task or object, it could be said they bastardized it. To fuck something up to a great extent when no one is looking only to end up leaving it alone and then walk away and act like you had nothing to do with it, nor ever want anything to do with it again.

"Who bastardized your hair?"


"That guy bastardized his thesis."


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