What is Battlefield 2: Special Forces?


An expansion pack to the highly popular online shooter, Battlefield 2. Adds new teams, weapons, and maps.

After a hard day at work, I like to go home and frag some noobs on Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

See quake


Battlefield 2, except with a few different weapons, new skins and silly accents.

Also, more green.

"Here at EA, we strive to make the BF2 Multiplayer even more frustrating in Battlefield 2: Special Forces, by introducing numerous little gizmos dangerous in the hands of every new player. Flashbangs to fuck everyone up, tear gas to make a dumb person cry as their computer's graphics suddenly warp, zip lines to turn everyone into 007, and grappling hooks that would hold the most avid, wanna- be Batman Battlefield 2-er. Also, more terrorists."

See battlefield


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