What is Benched?


Removed from a game or removed from play; can be applied to any situation where one is not permitted to participate in an activity.

Derived from the sporting world where players often sit on a bench when not playing. A player can be benched for many reasons including but not limited to: playing or performing poorly or sucking, disobeying the coach or leader, unsportsmanlike conduct, not following the game plan, showing up late, etc.

Coach says I'm benched because I can't catch today.

Man I thought I had a chance with that cute girl over there but she totally benched me.

See sidelined


equivalent of "served"

You been BENCHED son!

See served, had, slapped, spanked, waxed


A person goes behind your legs, on their knees, whilst another person pushes you from the front and you fall back.


"Holy shit! There's blood!"

See fat, obese, benched, blood, cream, trackies


Sitting on a bench in the schoolyard during recess against one's will; punishment imposed by teachers on elementary school children for bad behavior.

Johnny was benched for talking back to Mrs. Beronio.

See bench, recess, school, punishment, elementary


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