What is 684?


An abbreviation of area dial code for the town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Now used as a chant for local people to portay thier pride of their home.

Ever since 'the great flood' of 2007, Tewkesbury pride has skyrocketed, as it has come to realise that its the greatest/smallest/most likely to flood again town in the country. People from or who have lived in Tewkesbury, can often be heard chanting '684' in various neighbouring towns. The 684 lifestyle is not easy. Dedicated members have been heard chanting "684 for life!" at anyone in thier general vicinity.

Local Cheltenham man:"Tis a shame about the floods last year. In the sense that it didnt get rid of all that Tewkesbury scum.

684 warrior: "Oi! Dickhead! fuck off! we'll come find your house and fill it with water! You dont want da 684 commin a knocking with sum bury lovin! 684 for life bruvva!!!"

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