Bend One In

What is Bend One In?


Derived from the original definition, a quite fun game that is played by singing popular songs and replacing appropriate lyrics with the phrase "bend one in". Song choices known to lend themselves to the game range from 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash and 'Is There Something I Should Know' by Duran Duran, to 'Chelsea Dagger' by the Fratellis and the 'Indiana Jones' theme.

".ease please bend one in!..ease please bend one in!... I made a break I run out yesterday.."

"Hey guys, are you playing Bend One In?"

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(v) to shag a girl in a semi-non-romantic moment

"How did it go with the bird from the chip shop last night?"

"Great - she paid for the pizza, and back at her place I managed to bend one in."

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Said when a friend is close with a member of the oposite sex.

"Look at them two, BEND ONE IN SON!"

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