Big Cheese

What is Big Cheese?


Someone knowledgeable and/or of importance and high standing in an area or feild.

1. Stop addressing me as "Dr. Cox" in front of your patients. When they find out my actual name, they tend to page me with questions when they realize just exactly how inept you really are. Oh, and as an added safety measure, from now on, I'll only be responding to "Doc," "Doctor," "Ceasar," or "The Big Cheese;" and noooo, I'm _not_ joking.

2. My dad can get us on the moon within the hour. He's a big cheese at NASA...

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Person who works within 4 glass walls, mostly in charge of managing the mucky mucks.

I am the almighty big cheese. Get me my septor.


Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money.

John works at a Intel manufacturing center, John makes lots and lots of money. But, perhaps John has a boss; his boss makes the "Big Cheese".

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Sarah's mom

Big KahunaGrace

Yeah sure, I can sleep over, let me just ask the Big Cheese if she has a problem with it.

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when someone gives you a big ass smile showing interest(sexually) in you or your physical appearance.

damn boy you see that girl, she just gave us the big cheese.

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Lovers of doherty classics (look that up) like Haircut 100


school bus... mmmhmmm

hey mna lets go ride the stinking cheese shithead


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