Big Nasty

What is Big Nasty?


A large woman who doesn't bathe, has a uniroll, and has a yeast infection from the crack of her ass up through her vigina following upward to and around her uniroll. That is the big nasty.

I don't think anyone would want an example.

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Any mixture of various foul alcoholic beverages and/or liquors which is more revolting than the sum of the individual components.

After losing the bet, I had to chug a Big Nasty.


bieng a staight up beast who is great in the sack and beatin down bitch ass mufuckers

hey im bob but you can call me big nasty

omg lets fuck

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Definition: A person, animal or object of substantial mass and/or girth. This immense creature will usually speak in incoherent phrases, or just make grunt like noises. As well, this creature will show little no signs of intelligence.

Background: From the dialect of the Native Americans who worshiped the god of butt rape "Chief Bigus Nastionus"- hence the modern name big nasty

Why, hello there big nasty, you're looking mighty sexy.

Geez, look at big nasty shake it.

If I ever get drunk enough, I would share a bed with big nasty.

Big Nasty, will you have my baby?

Come on over here, big nasty, lemme take a look at ya.


someone who is nasty

"Tiffany is a big nasty"

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nick name for red headed people who weigh over 200 lbs. and wears glasses, usually named Kyle.

"yo dog you sho'nuf'is da' big nasty.

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