What is Biggles?


Nickname for Carlos Barat. Usually used in conjunction with Bilo, nickname for Pete Doherty.

"It's Biggles." - Doherty upon his release from jail and seeing Barat waiting for him on the street


This is a guy who has a strange obsession with large dildos. He likes to be real weasley and stick dildos in his best of friends mouths. This person is also questionably gay and has likely been living with someone who is also gay for atleast 6 months. He has probably caught the gayness from this person he has been living with.

Jon: How's it going Bab?

Bab: Pretty damn good. I Stuck a dildo in Dan's mouth last night.

Jon: That's fucking hilarious, but that probably means you're what is known as a Biggles.

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