Bike Ninja

What is Bike Ninja?


Someone who is riding their bicycle in dark/low visibility conditions, without a headlight or taillight. So-called because they are invisible, like a ninja.

The webcomic Yehuda Moon had a comic illustrating a bike ninja on April 14th.

I wasn't expecting to be out this late, so I didn't have my lights with me, and I was a bike ninja for the ride home.

When I crossed the intersection, I was almost hit by a bike ninja! Dude needs to get some lights and look where he's going.


A bike cop, that hides in bushes and alley-ways looking for completely innocent students, and gives them MIP's etc.

Did you see that bike ninja tackle Eric a while ago.

Yea that ninja needs a stick poked through his spokes.

See mip, eric, sms, msu, idiots


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