What is Billinge?


Billinge is a small villige located in the North-West of England, just outside of Wigan. It has a hospital, several pubs and its own hill, often refered to as "The Pinnacle of Mankind". People born in Billinge are known as "Billingers" and are of the Billinge Tribe. Only a select number of people are allowed to be born in Billinge hospital,these people are known as "Gods Chosen Few". All other 'unfortunates' have to go to Ormskirk hospital, and just hope that they can become one tenth of a man that a Billinger will become. A true Billinger likes beer and fighting, usually in that order. Billingers are hard as fuck and have a very short temper.

Shit! Run! The Billingers are comming, and they've been drinkin'!

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A small, remarkably inert town in the northwest of England. Its inhabitants pride themselves on being 'dead ard.'

Common occupations include farming, running and 'farmer sutra.'

billinger: im 'ARD me, 'ARD as fuck innit

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Below average.

This pizza tastes poo. It's billinge.

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