What is Birdface?


a girl with an obscenely large nose and a high pitched, almost cawing voice. also known to be a skank ass boyfriend stealing slut

man that birdface should shut her beak and back the fuck down before i got to teach her feathery ass a leason on respex

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Woman with the face of a bird. Can be either beautiful or totally ugly.

Example 1:

Matthew: Check out that girl, she's got the face of a songbird.

Derek: A birdface.

Example 2:

Matthew: Ugh, what is that hideous creature?

Derek: A birdface.

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A skank that if you made out with her you'd be tasting cock!

God your such a birdface!


A tramp that looks like a bird and loves to suck up worms for fun.

Hey man isn't that that birdface girl who you made out with.

Yeah she smelled like trash. Now everytime I hear the namme Michelle that horrid smell comes to mind. Damn those Mehrara girls.

Oh man I feel sorry for ya.

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