What is Birdshit?


A racist term for a white person

"Johnny is a Birdshit"

See nigger, cracker, honkey, chink, white, pikey, Asriel


Banter from a group of womenin a bar, as blokes bullshit when they have had a couple, women "birdshit".

I'v been with him over there, honest!!

This sounds like birdshit.

See bullshit, women, bar, bars, banter, bloke, blokes


A nickname for any money grubbing hoe named Bridget.

Bridget;"I think that you should take me to the zoo, after you take me for lunch."

Kendall;" Hey BIRDSHIT, I think you should hop the fuck out of the car."

See hoe, slut, tramp, hooker, pig


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