What is Bistromathics?


See: Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Part 3 (Life, The Universe, and Everything)

Bistromathics is an extremely powerful addendum to improbability science used to power the ship Bistromath, owned by Fjord modelor Slartibartfast. It operates on a few major factors of suspected values versus actual values of Italian dining. 2 of such values are:

1. The amount of reservations made to an Italian restaurant versus the amount of people that actually show up. Both are entirely arbitrary values completely unrelated to one another.

2. The prices of the food in the menu versus the actual amount paid. The values are also completely arbitray and unrelated with the exception of the fact that they are never the same.

Bistromathics have given rise to incredible new advancements in improbability propulsion.

See Jonathan


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