Bitch Dog

What is Bitch Dog?


A small, over-groomed, and spoiled dog which often times is adorned with sweaters, bows, hat, or other outfits, usually adopted for its cuteness by actresses, materialistic and or wealthy women, socialites, heiresses, or gay men. Dogs of this type easily fit into a purse or other type of handbag for easy carrying (often times because walking the dog would be too much work either due to the dog's tiny size or the owner's laziness). Another important criterion for these are that the same adjectives used to describe the dog usually can be used to describe the owner (i.e. spoiled, bratty, lazy, stupid, rich).

"Did you see Paris Hilton's new dog? It's a cute little Yorkshire Terrier dressed as a sailor that can fit right in her purse! It's so cool!"

"That thing's not cool, it's a total bitch dog."

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Being an extreme fuck up. Being both a bitch and a dog at the same time.

Ryan, you really screwed the pooch on that last guitar solo. You are such a bitch dog.


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