Bitch Fu

What is Bitch Fu?


A blitz attack of breath-taking bitchiness, usually of the nuclear bomb variety. It typically renders the victim speechless by one of two methods: either by the unbelievably bitchiness of the attack, or because of the rapid-fire waves of bitchiness leave the victim wondering what to respond to first. Bitch fu can be unprovoked or justly deserved. It is a skill used by masters of bitchcraft.

Hortense: How are you?

Bertha: Fine. Damn! You look like hell. Still aren't over Nigel, huh? Is he still shacked up with that cooze Esther? Hey, isn't she pregnant? Did you see the size of that ring he got her? Hope the kid's his. You know he was cheating on you all along, right? Well, this is my stop. Don't worry, you'll find somebody else---There are ALWAYS guys who like a bigger girl. Bye!

Betty to Hortense: Damn, that girl knows her bitch fu.

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