Black Jack

What is Black Jack?


a weapon used to crack people's skulls open

Ex:Fishing weight on the end of a large spring

I cracked his head open with a black jack.

See blackjack, weapon, club, bludgeon


a padlock on a rope/belt

cracked th mofos skull with a black jack

See black, jack, mofo, skull


A card game held commonplace within casinos worldwide in which the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over to beat the dealer and make the money you bet back as well as an equal amount from the casino. Each person is dealt two cards and has the decision to either hit(get a new card) stay(stay at current value) double(double your bet and recieve one card) or split(if two cards form a pair one can split them into two hands)If your two cards recieved are an ace and a ten (10,jack,queen,king) then you have a blackjack and are paid 3:2 on the hand.

I doubled my bet when i hand a 10 and got 20 but the dealer flipped over a Black Jack and i lost all my money.

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When a car has one black air cap and another one was jacked.

When me and my homie were chromie hunting we saw a car with a black jack.

See chromies, jack, black, stolen


In the television show 24, Curtis Manning, the African American CTU agent who is Jack Bauer's double in terms of ass-kickery.

If Jack Bauer died, could Black Jack really carry the show?

See jack bauer, ctu, 24, fox


A game that seems all nice and simple and fun...

Then you have to write the program and it makes you want to shoot yourself.

Teacher: You need to have the black jack project fully coded and working properly by friday

Me: *headdesk*

See black, jack, programming, rawr


When something goes according to plan, or is really cool

This weekend was black jack...

See Raoul Duke


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