Black Planet

What is Black Planet?


A website where youngins go to make webpages and claim that they are "the shit." Typical diction and language to expect at blackplanet:

"Yo wuzzz realy good, mah? Dis be Tizzle-tee-petey on the riz. Ereday be hangin at the mall fo sho. If yu got that firre come holla atcha bwoy!"


"Hello mamis and whatup my niggus in Northport! Juss wanna give a shout out to my moms and pops on thw wesside, doin it over thurr. Dirty souf in da house, son. Sign my g-spot if ur hot."

Unfortunately, as you can read, blackplanet has gone to the dogs. It no longer is a site where one can find more information about people, meet and greet decent folks. On the contrary, it has been transformed into a bulletin board for non-English speaking American youth, thinking that they are "the hawt shit." Little do they know, though, that approximately 4.3 diffeent people will actually come across their webpage and actually waste their time to read what they have to say. But, I guess that they can "bling", "holla", and "spit that fire" in their little corner of the web (approx. 0.0000000001 of the size of the World Wide Web to be exact) - it's OK by me.

My question to blackplanet admins... Wow, what happened, man?

blackplanet really sucks these days. It is a total waste of website space and yeah, you BP admins know this.


An internet classic! What DAMN NEAR EVERY African-American websurfer used before the rise of MySpace (thanx for nothin' TOM) and then Facebook (thanx for absoulutely NOTHING Mark FUCKERBERG) and then BEBO (and thanks for nothing....who ever made THAT SORRY ASS KNOCK-OFF of MYSPACE.) in THAT order.

Now BP has officially played catch up with the same software that all the other websites are using but still has fallen off MISERABLY in POPUALARITY!!!!

Step yo game up BP, you ARE the O.G. of these networking sites....that goes for ya'll too MIGENTE and ASIAN AVENUE!!!!!

Black Planet is STILL that deal, it's just that we don't still realize it's potential!!

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