What is Blitch?


1.(n)a sleazy,sex crazed,rock junkie who has no tolorance for "gay-ass art rock",

and little consideration for the feelings of "gay-ass art rockers".

2. (v) to do anything; sexual, rude, loud, violent, or nasty in a manner identical to that of a Blitch

1) (n) I saw Blitch last nite at Cups slaggin on a Wilco fan.

2) (v) The Wilco fan got his ass totaly blitch-slaped.

See fan


Irritation after swimming in dirty water

So bad, I gotta blitch


To complain about something when writing on a blog.

Out on the net, there is a lot of blitching.

See whine, bitch, compliment


A University of Idaho Delta-Chi.

A poser wearing carat studs and backwards hat.


A recurrent and/or annoying glitch in a video game

I can't get past this fuckin' blitch!

This is one blitchy-ass glitch.

See bitch, glitch, game, video, fuckin', biltch


A blonde bitch. A platinum blonde bitch who thinks shes the shit.

I hate nasty blitches, who think their the shit.

See bitch, blonde, blitch, female, platinum, Wazhma


Extreme sadness at some joyous ocurrence

I won the blitchin lottery


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