What is Bloit?


noun - 1) A person who is thoroughly disliked, 2) an unpleasant difficulty.

God, Jim is such a bloit sometimes.

See bloit, bitch, ho', skank, wolsh



1) To complain;gripe

2) To fumble, mess up, drop the ball

3) To strike, act carelessly, wastefully or foolishly

phrasal verb:

1) To shirk ones duty

2) To go away: used as an exclamation of impatience

3) To waste time


1) Used to express anger, rejection and disgust, often followed by a pronoun, as you or it

adjective, adverb:

1) Damned;confounded;bloody

v1) Stop bloitting

v2) I bloitted that one

v3) He bloitted me in the foot

p1) Just bloit it

p2) Bloit off!

p3) I bloitted all day

i1) Go bloit yourselves!

a1) That bloitting politician!

See blit, chak, flak, grat, wolsh


A word to take the position or meaning of Fuck

Rofl U bloitin' n00b wtf teh turkey dusnt go in the oven!!1one!

Moar bloitin cowbell plox plox!

See fuck, freak, freaking, fucking, roflstomp


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