What is Blondes?


People with blonde hair.

Don't over analyze it.

Idiot:Dude! You think that blonde will suck my dick just because of her hair colour?

Dude:Don't be a fucking idiot.

Idiot: But thats the highest rated definition for 'blondes' on urban dictionary dot com!

Dude:Well, whoever defined it like that is an ass. Besides, they defined it as 'long' dicks you fucking dickless moron.

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Girls that love to suck on long dicks for fun.

Look at that blond.


A person with the hair color blonde. Some definitions say a female, but they lack the brain to realize that men too can have blonde hair. Female blondes are usually classified as stupid sluts. Some are and some arent just like brunettes, red heads, and black heads. There is an ongoing battle between blondes and brunettes as to which one is better. Some individuals try to figure out whether men like blondes or brunettes better. A stupid woman of any hair color or take the answers by men to heart. But a smart woman would realize that men who only like women based on hair color aren't worth their time.

Brunette #1: Brunettes do it so much better.

Brunette #2: I know. Who do those blondes think they are.

Fire Crotch: What about red heads?

Blonde: Shut up. We dont sit around talking about brunettes.

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A femine figure who, though equally as intellegent as others, is dubbed as dumb. While they are often ridiculed and constantly being used in jokes in reality hair colour isn't something to judge.

positive: Blondes are equally as wise as brunettes!

negative: Blonde moment!

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Are sometimes very dumb i think that's why guys like them so much.And the have big boobs.

Man 1: i'm dating these hot blondes.

Man 2: Wow, how lucky are you.

Man: Yeah i know she has really big boobs.

Man 2: Yeah i bet.

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Notorious for being sluts, great blowjob givers, dumbasses, illiterate, annoying, uncultured, confused, and possibly most important of all, the kryptonite of black males, especially professional athletes. They travel in packs and tend to be fucking hot. Be very scared. If one comes in contact with a blond, immediately call for assistance from a brunette.

Omfg, dude, its hot blondes!! Should we run? Should we let them drain our life force with their heavenly head skills? Omg, the choices!

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Specifically used to describe the golden coloured hair of white, caucasian girls or women.

blondes are appealing to all cultural races, though of course there are other criteria for judgement. The reason for this is maybe the allure of golden hair and/or a preference for their fair, lighter skin complexion.

The blondes on the beach are so attractive with their golden hair waving in the wind

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